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I'm all about the realism factor - including reasonable ammo load-outs.

Reasonable to the weapons system being used at the time, that is - not to an "Armalite standard".

If I was to be playing a standard load-out - it would be tied to what the RS weapon system mag capacity is, as far as my own little collection is concerned.

In a theoretical low cap + feed lip loss capacity, my collection stacks up as follows:

M4 - 30 rnd Stanags - 34 rnd theoretical
MP5 - 50 rnd mags - 54 rnd theoretical
M14 - 15 rnd mags - 19 rnd theoretical
AK74 - 30 rnd mags - 34 rnd theoretical
M63 Stoner - 100 rnd box-mag - ?? rnd theoretical

GBB sidearms can be real-capped easily (obviously).

Whichever way you go - LMG type weapons would be the loser in the low-cap scheme - I wouldn't be prepared to run a Stoner in the real-cap field, if that meant purchasing additional box-mags at $125.00 each for additional capacity beyond 100+ ~20 feed-tube rnds...

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