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+1 on the PMC. Just a pretext to wear whatever you want, lol.

I played my first season with what a lot of people would call the essentials.

BBBastard/Elvex glasses
A good pair of boot from Military surplus
Tan/Digital BDU from Military surplus
Mechanix (Canadian Tire) gloves, can order directly from the website from cheap

180$ JG cheap rifle, stock, with a couple of midcaps

Battle belt which held EVERYTHING from mags to dump pouch (condor makes cheap stuff that should last until YOU decide to change your setup).

That's below 600$, not factoring taxes and shipping for applicable items. Not once did I not blend with everyone else, and I never felt undergeared.

** But trust me and everyone else, you will not stop there.

I now own two rifles, far from stock, two pistols, a lot of mags, a lot of costly gear, some real steel (mostly HSGI), stuff to carry all that, accessories (lights, optics), etc, etc.

I stopped counting after 2000, for this year.
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