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Originally Posted by DeWee View Post
Thanks for the replies

I do have a fill face mask with mesh eye covering that is designed for airsoft
Sorry to break the bad news to you but you're not going to be allowed to use that at a paintball field. You're going to need an ASTM rated paintball mask (because typically the field is shared with paintballers and all it takes is 1 stray paintball and they could have a negligence case on their hands).

However you should be able to use it at other venues depending on if the admins allow it. However I highly recommend if you are allowed to use a mesh mask that you also wear some sort of shield underneath in case the BB shatters (doesn't have to be ballistic rated, just in case a BB shatters it needs to be able to shield your eyes from shards).

Other than that, boots that cover ankles are ideal (however low topped hikers are okay and better than runners that you can roll your ankle in easily).

Grab yourself a gun, and whatever you think looks cool. Doesn't need to be a PTW but on the other hand don't get a $50 Canadian Tire special. At minimum expect to spend $200 on a gun (includes battery, 1 mag, and whatever else comes in the box).

You could go for a "PMC" loadout (Private Military Contractor) which is pretty popular if you're on a budget. Basically tan, black, green or grey pants or khakis (or jeans), black or green t-shirt (under armour) or long sleeved button down shirt, and black, tan, or green hat. Feel free to mix and match as you need.

Here's just one of many reference pics;

Call of duty:

Toy action figure:

Hell, if you wanted you could even just wear some woodland camo, a black beret, and a ski mask and say you're a militiaman or whatever.

ie. http://ansionnachfionn.files.wordpre...eland-2012.jpg
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