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Originally Posted by DeWee View Post
Thanks for the replies

I do have a fill face mask with mesh eye covering that is designed for airsoft
The issues with mesh arise with some of the players who cheap out on ammo. A lot of the cheaper ammo or bio ammo will fragment on impact, which presents the risk of debris getting in your eyes with a mesh covering, althoug the tighter the mesh, the less risky.

As far as gear goes, my last post was from my phone, what I meant was you'll need to try some different rigs.

For example, I love the look of assault oriented plate carriers but for airsoft, they're not ideal. In reality they're meant for quick, high intensity bouts of action, not sustained conflict or patrolling. In the end, I'm now running light with some old CF webbing. I'm currently looking at a Shellback Banshee PC.

Don't just buy what other people recommend, try it on if you can, if you have a buddy or something with some gear kicking around, ask to try it at a game, get a feel for your kit. When you find what works for you, train like a mother fucker with it.

By train, I don't mean be like certain members here who watch magpul videos, over exaggerate the stances and do stupid shit, both in Airsoft and Real Steel ranges based off their "Knowledge". I mean practice reloads, re position bits of kit until the movements are comfortable, then do them until they become natural. You never finish training, but the ideal position to get to is to begin your drills or actions, such as a reload, without even thinking to do it or consciously be directing your hands. Everything you practice at home is then tested on the field, and if it's all fucked up and doesn't work, modify it or alter it as needed.
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Like seriously dude. The incredible lack of common sense in the question could be scientifically investigated for evidence of a black hole.
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