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First loadout, What do you think?

Hey guys im brand new to the forum

Im not new to the idea of airsoft, but im new to the idea of "serious" airsoft

Im 18 (19 next month ) , and im working on getting age verified very soon.

From sitting back and watching around the forum, I can see that people can be reluctant to allowing younger guys to games. So I want to find a role in the game that guys would be comfortable with to get me into the community as smoothly as possible.

So what kind loadout do you see fit? I know that anything too hot (n00b sniper) is completely frowned upon.

Im not a money pit, so I want a full loadout that can cross over as much as possible (indoors and out)

Conclusion: If you were going to purchase one full single loadout (gun, clothing, etc etc) for your airsoft career, what would you go for?

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