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And don't forget Stargate SG-1!

I've been using Gas guns mostly and I found that with 6 30rd mags I kinda felt under prepared in an outdoor game. That may have been due to a poorly optimized rifle/ cold weather though. Indoors, I'm completely fine with running 5 mags with 30 rd real caps cause that's my only option with my new M4. And since the rifle shoots straight and where I aim it, I only take shots that would confirm me a kill, or if I have to; lay down light cover fire.

The worst thing in CQB and people with high round magazines is in scenarios like attack and defend where the defenders know the rough area where attackers can come through, and with out even identifying targets or knowing someone is there, they'll just drop a rain of random BB fire. That plus more than one person doing it, plus ricochets of BBs just makes it pointless and not scary for the defenders.
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