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The answer of, "If you don't know. 30" I got, and was answered previously.
Though, I would hope players would know enough about their weapon to know the answer.

I'm just trying to get my head around the concept that there are apparently (and I only say apparently because I have never attended personally) events where the rule will be set to a fixed number of rounds per mag regardless of the weapon.

I understand that Event co-ordinators set rules for certain reasons and I'm not one to go against event co-ordinators. I understand the want for realism, and I understand why certain players who are only running High-Caps might be restricted from playing.

All I'm saying is that it seems silly and ridiculous to me that someone can implement a rule in an event where all weapons are restricted to the same amount of ammo per mag.(just like how some people might find things like High-Caps, WWII re-enactments etc etc silly/riciculous)
Maybe If I was at such an event and I was told the reason why they set that universal cap it might make more sense.
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