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Ahhh....I am understanding more. So a "Real Cap Event" they would want actual "real cap" magazines and not just low caps loaded with the real cap amount of rounds.

Originally Posted by coach View Post
With a real cap game, where you're limited to what the real weapon would carry, you can get into arguments about what a particular weapon's maximum capacity is. Take an MP5 for an example. What is the capacity everyone is allowed? 15? 30? 32? 40? What about a 100 round beta box? Then there's the 60 or 100 round surefire mag for M4's.
Yes! ...and that's why I askd my original question about what happens during real-cap games and what is decided, cause there are sooo many variants of different weapons with differing Ammo capacities.

Originally Posted by coach View Post
I see the benefit in both but often do see more games lean more towards ammo caps where everyone's mags are loaded to 30 rounds and no more.

The idea is that it levels the playing field and no one has an advantage over another regardless of what type of weapon you can afford or have working at the time.
I see how giving everyone the same amount of ammo in a mag to be leveling the playing field in one sense, but it's still unfair in others. My P90 may have 20 more rounds in a mag but I can only carry so many since they're gigantic Toblerone bars.

I don't agree with the practice of limiting players to a maximum capacity per mag regardless of the weapon they are using.

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Maybe I didn't explain clearly. I don't remember the precise numbers, but the rule was something like 30rounds mag capacity for every rifle even though a P90 real cap would have been 50rounds... or 15 rounds for every pistols even do some pistols would be less... so it was not replica specific..

This rule worked though it did not make consensus...
I understand what you're saying Dr. :-)

If that was the rule for an event I was attending I'd leave the P90 at home...and hopefully it was clearly explained before hand so I wouldn't be SOL when I arrived.

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