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Originally Posted by slowbird View Post
That's my point. Someone answered my original question saying that occasionally during real cap games the organizer will set a fixed ammo amount for all class of guns.

I was simply commenting that I don't see that as being fair for real cap games.

If I was playing an event and was told my low cap P90 mag with 50 rounds in it has too many rounds in it I wouldn't be impressed.
Maybe I didn't explain clearly. I don't remember the precise numbers, but the rule was something like 30rounds mag capacity for every rifle even though a P90 real cap would have been 50rounds... or 15 rounds for every pistols even do some pistols would be less... so it was not replica specific... more or less based on the most common denominator.

This rule worked though it did not make consensus... the P90 was in the center of the debate and my intention is not to reopen the debate... I was just mentionning some people did it that way.

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