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For anyone thinking of getting the Toronto Airsoft Mystery Box

You have two less G36c to worry about.

These our are first guns for my girlfriend and I. Overall pretty happy with them. They feel pretty solid and I like the look. Think they should well do for beginners like us.

Just a couple of questions.

There was a (an extra?) spring in the box. Do I have to install this or is this to downgrade the gun for CQB? Thought I would ask before opening up the gun. I believe it is pretty simple for this gun but still wanted to ask before doing anything.

To calculate charge time for the battery we do Battery Capacity/Charger output right?. So 1100/250 = 4.4 hours? Is it better to unplug it a little later or a little earlier?

Also meant to get age verified while I was there but there was a cat terrorizing puppy out of its crate in our apartment so wanted in out quickly going to do a trip back to get verified. The staff there did ask for our ID's before giving the guns.

Also swag included was a magpul tshirt in one box and 2 small packets of madbull bbs in the other.

Sorry if this is in the wrong forum it started off as post just to talk about the mystery box but my noobieness seeped out.
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