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For those that play in winter....ACU is surprisingly awesome in snowy woodland enviroment.

RedDot: If I may make a recommendation. I have only ben playing Airsoft since August and the way I started seems to have really helped me progress.

The very first thing I purchased was a Pistol, and that was the only thing I used when playing indoors (at UA). I at first felt as if I was at a disadvantage but quickly learned how much fun a Pistol can be in CQB. You just need a few Mags.

I then joined a local field and the first day a member let me use some of his AEG's. I used 2 of his AK's (both very different) and an M1A1 Thompson. After a day of playing with those long heavy guns I quickly realized I wanted something smaller. I picked up a TM P90 and have been extremely happy with it.
Now it's winter. The field I am playing on has less foliage/brush and sightlines are much longer....I felt I needed a bit more range. I picked up an inexpensive KA M4A1.

I think a good way of learning and progressing is starting with the smaller sidearm and progressing as you become more proficient. Doesn't mean you have to end with a Sniper Rifle....but it's doesn't mean you need to start with an M4.

The best way to learn is to read alot and listen alot.

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