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lol, it's nice to read about how friendly the community is. Another member is offering via PM to let me play with his gear at UA sometime. I used to do the same thing with paintball, try other peoples markers and let them play with mine.

Speaking of paintball I wouldn't go to Sgt. Splatters myself ever again. I first played paintball there many moons ago but I found them to be arrogant over the years and the field was totally disgusting as they never cleaned it as far as I could tell.

Seems like Toronto Airsoft is having a big holiday sale too with a fair selection of AEGs around $200 so I might have a rifle sooner rather than later.

Just to switch gears a bit is there any shops in the area that you guys would recommend for clothes? Not really an issue for indoor but the tactical camouflage looks so badass and I can't seem to find a walk-in store that carries a selection of them.
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