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Originally Posted by BioRage View Post
+1 Yes, you let me borrow your WE G39C for a few rounds, hehe.

Just buy him lunch @OP for lending you his gear >:3
I don't have a G39c.
I'd like one, but I think you've got me confused with someone else, haha.

Like phloudernow said, it does help to have someone lend you gear, or to at least see what other people are running. Most people will let you fondle their stuff at games, so you can see what feels good. They also enjoy talking about their choice of gear, so you can learn a lot from that.

Back on topic, another walk on field for airsoft, is Sgt Splatters. It's a paintball field (that I personally dislike), that has airsoft nights every Sunday night, starting at 6pm. I'm not a fan, and I think a first timer would have a better impression of what airsoft can be over at TTAC3, but it is an option.

Another indoor field that will likely be used for airsoft a few times a month, is Defcon Paintball in Mississauga:
It's a bit of a drive from Markham, but airsoft isn't very popular, and driving an hour+ to an airsoft game is something you may have to get used to.

Keep an eye out in the Ontario games forum (already linked in the thread) for scheduled games at defcon. It'll be a scheduled game, not a walk on game, though.
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