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Yeah, paradox gets it lol
And Coach, I didn't wanna say it outright, but yeah.

As for penetration through objects, yeah it's a problem. But how would you deal with that problem if you had a bolt action rifle and were forced to carry a limited number of rounds?
You'd deal with that problem the exact same way you'd deal with it if you had a real M4 and the target was behind a concrete wall.
You either re-position to get a better shot, or you wait until the target pokes out and then shoot them.

Solid objects that can't be shot through occur more frequently in airsoft, but they also occur in the world of real steel. So just because they occur more often doesn't necessarily mean we should handicap ourselves to deal with it lol

As for scaling ammo, if all the physics are scaled back, the ammo remains constant, because the amount of ammo you have doesn't affect how accurate or how far the gun shoots.

Now I've been a noob myself and I remember all the frustrations I had with all of what you're saying and I see it with all the new people coming in. But I can't help but get the feeling your argument is based more on you being a bad shot, than the actual concept here.
I've had to shoot plenty of people bobbing up and down in windows, hiding behind doors, trees, pallets, you name it. But I never felt like I needed more ammo to deal with it, and that's a critical lesson that I only learned from using both an M249 and a bolt action rifle. It's absolutely possible to accomplish with 1 BB what you could do with 20.

So scenario; Guys in a plywood building we made out of 2x4s, sticks, pallets and deck screws. He's bobbing up and down in the window and you can't seem to get the timing right.
It's easy to just say, if you had a real M4, you could just shoot through the building.
But if you had a real M4, he'd be in real danger, and that shitty corrugated plastic sided building would probably be something like....a shit-mud reinforced shack, that's actually difficult to shoot through.

And let's be realistic, what would be the challenge in just shooting THROUGH a building? Real operators RARELY have that choice. They either blow the building apart with heavy weapons or go in and clear it.

So you say you should be able to shoot through the building, the reality of the situation is with real combat, you probably wouldn't be able to shoot through that building.

So in terms of realism, airsoft still remains quite accurate, given a much shorter distance scale.

I would totally accept your complaints about shooting through brush though, definitely do not mind 70 rounds a mag when someone has successfully taken cover behind a shrubbery lol
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