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I think it all comes down to the principle of limiting ammo both in the gun and on the operator. Where you put the limit is abritrary. No matter if your ratio is 1:1 or 2:1 bullets or whatever, it will probably serve the same purpose which is:

1) Everyone has to reload relatively often, making the ability to reload fast, to aim accurately, etc. more crucial in battle. This has a positive impact on the realism of the operation and the satisfaction of a large amount of players.

2) Everyone has to take in consideration his global ammo loadout when attacking or defending a position. This makes some positions harder to defend from repetitive attacks, it also forces players to refine their strategies, etc. In other words it cranks up the challenge which, again, increase the satisfaction of players.

I believe it is legit to limit ammo to realcap considering some GBBRs have this limitation to begin with. Now, if most of the players in your area/group of player operate with AEGs and lowcaps/midcaps... I believe you would end up with similar results having an higher BB to Bullet ratio, as long as there's a reasonnably low limit for everyone.

In our area, we moved from a point based system where lower capacity mags were worth less points and the sum of your mag points was limited to 10, for example. At the time realcap games emerged, many teams and players were already using realcap only to their own disadvantage, although the amount of BBs on every player was quite the same.

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