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Originally Posted by ViR View Post
If airsoft and real steel is apples and oranges why are you taking orange seeds and sticking them in apples?

You have to adjust distance, penetration power, and most importantly tactics when going from RS to airsoft but you dont want to adjust ammo? Everything else is changing, why not change ammo cap?
When you have 300 real bullets you won't waste 30 of them playing peek-a-boo with a person behind a door.. you will use 2 and shoot thru the door. Thats why soldiers carry 300+ rounds, not 3000 because they dont need to. Because they CAN shoot thru the door. We cant.. so we need more ammo..
Buddy. In RL when I was in A-Stan, we couldn't say fuck this i'm out, let's go back at our FOB to reload and get back in the fight. Each round counted and only God knows for how long you would be there waiting.

In airsoft, you have that chance to go reload when empty or KIA, so there's your ''we need more ammo'' solution.

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