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Originally Posted by Red Dot View Post
Thanks gents for the information so far.

Toronto Airsoft is pretty much at the top of my list of places to visit soon, and thanks for the tip on getting age verified there.

I will keep my eyes on the Ontario section, looking at that link pusangani does TTAC3 offer rental gear? Google results didn't really bring up a website with a lot of info.
Just a note, Toronto Airsoft is NOT a field, just an airsoft store. If it is only to just get age verified, you can also check age verifiers in your area first since there's alot of people in Markham area. If it is just to look at guns, you can first drop by the ones near your area instead.

Here's a big list of the ones in Markham you can check out after getting age verified.
ASC Thread ASC Thread

TTAC is just a facility, they don't officially do rentals, although if you ask, people there may or may not lend you gear. You can contact Brian who runs it though and get age verified at one of their games I guess.

Only real drop-in field is essentially UA, that also rents guns/gear. TBH, you could just buy a gun at UA too when you visit instead. The rental guns are..... a different level feeling/response wise compared to getting your own decent gun.

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