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Anyone else longing for a shift to real cap mags?

Originally Posted by slowbird View Post
I was told a story once by an old and experienced Airsofter.

Outdoor game in the woods, he spotted an enemy player...player spotted him. They fired a few bursts at each other at a relatively short distance and very little foliage in between them.

Both stopped firing puzzled, and one asks:
"Did I hit you?"
"Nope. Did I hit you?"
"Nope. You know if these were real guns we'd both be Swiss cheese by now."
"Ha! No kidding."
"Wanna call us both hit?"
Both: "HIT!!!"

I like this story not because these two players were thinking about Real Steel and realism. I enjoy the story because it's a great example of the honor system, fair play and sportsmanship that should be an integral part of every airsoft player.
If I'm part of a team or participating in an event that is full of these types of people...I couldn't really care less if they're running High Caps.

I've been in that situation a number times. I'd shout back at someone and say "hit. nice shot" and they'd say, "yeah you got me too!" And we walk back to the safe zone and chat laughing about it. Same with sometimes calling hit even if you didn't feel it and probably didn't get hit just for the fact that the other guy had the jump on you. Also recall a couple times where I'd run into someone and we'd both call hit without even pulling the trigger.

There are also the times where the other player cries bloody murder that they shot you first and runs off to continue playing. Sadly for them, they don't realize that there are friends on both teams, and there's the odd time where notifying game control of a cheat is delayed until after, well you probably get where I'm going with this....

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