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I figured you were over exaggerating, 10-1 is still pretty darn high. That equates to either 300 rounds a mag, or 43 lowcaps to 10 realcap mags.
12 lowcaps is plenty for even long ops at 840 rounds total. And that's back when I had an M4. That's 2.3BBs per real round
Yes there are definitely limitations compared to real steel, BUT like most people you're comparing airsoft directly against real steel ranges. You can't compare apples to oranges.

If we say, realcaps only, the obvious complaint is the lack of accuracy, or windage problems, or shooting through foliage as compared to real steel.
BUT, a more accurate comparison would be to scale the effective ranges.
So where you say a real M4 has no problem hitting targets at 200ft, an accurate comparison would be to say an airsoft M4 has no problem hitting targets at 60ft.
Scale the range down, and this dilemma becomes much easier to understand, in favor of using realcaps.

So a real M4 has a maximum effective range of about 1500ft, airsoft M4 around 240. Obviously windage, gravity, foliage becomes a big issue for either weapon at both their maximum effective ranges.
The fact that you can see you target well before you're in effective range, or that the real steel counterpart can hit a person further out, really has no bearing on what the airsoft gun is or isn't capable of doing.
The fact is the airsoft gun is at it's maximum range, and so you're only logical real steel comparison would be a real M4 at it's maximum range.
So if the effective range of an airsoft gun is 1/7 the range of a real steel M4, then expect all the windage and gravity faults to be 7x worse with an airsoft gun. You can't expect it to perform 100% perfectly to 200ft if it's maximum range is only 240, just like you can't expect a real M4 to be a pinpoint laser out to 1400ft lol

And so any argument that foliage stops the BBs, windage pulls them off, etc, is moot. The decreased range is a strategic problem, but guess what? You can potentially spot a target before you're able to shoot it with a real steel rifle as well!

Apart from the strategic problems of being so close and concealment becoming cover, all the inaccuracies and other issues of real steel also translate over to airsoft, but you need to scale those errors over 1500ft down to a distance of 240ft, and then it's starting to look a lot more reasonable.

So when you engage a target at 200ft with an airsoft gun, keep it mind it would be similar to engaging someone at 800-1000ft with a real M4
And that's just the unfortunate truth of scaling the physics lol

But that still underlines my previous point of platform quality. A stock M4 using .25s would simply not perform as well as a PTW or polarstar.
So I don't see the issue as being realcaps or not realcaps, but being such gun just won't stand a chance without extra ammo vs such other gun.

I've watched airsoft progress, where it was all very balanced when nobody knew what they were doing gunsmithing because every gun only shot around 80-100ft. Once the competitive people sank in more money and got better upgrades and such, then we started seeing this unfair game mentality from the newer people, but usually just balanced teams out by skill.
So, I guess I answered my own argument and the solution is to just balance out the skilled players like I'm sure we've all been doing lol
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