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Anyone else longing for a shift to real cap mags?

I was told a story once by an old and experienced Airsofter.

Outdoor game in the woods, he spotted an enemy player...player spotted him. They fired a few bursts at each other at a relatively short distance and very little foliage in between them.

Both stopped firing puzzled, and one asks:
"Did I hit you?"
"Nope. Did I hit you?"
"Nope. You know if these were real guns we'd both be Swiss cheese by now."
"Ha! No kidding."
"Wanna call us both hit?"
Both: "HIT!!!"

I like this story not because these two players were thinking about Real Steel and realism. I enjoy the story because it's a great example of the honor system, fair play and sportsmanship that should be an integral part of every airsoft player.
If I'm part of a team or participating in an event that is full of these types of people...I couldn't really care less if they're running High Caps.

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