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Originally Posted by True_Minecrafter View Post
Thanks for the helpful advice! But I have a concern, my friend who is the same age as me. He plays airsoft all the time and he only gets his parents to drop him off leave and pick him up. Is this illegal?
Not necessarily. It depends on a lot of factors, mainly related to how things are run and whatnot. It is up to the field owner/admin and insurance underwriting company as to what is required (even things as trivial as ballistic glasses, full seal, goggles minimum or full mask with goggles and face guard). Younger players and goggles only are more risky than having 16+ or 18+ and full face mask and insurance premiums for these venues reflect that.

Parents drop off kids to play paintball all the time while they fuck off and shop or whatever. Ideally the field would require the parent or guardian stay on premises, a PB field (or any venue like that for that matter) is IMO no place for an unaccompanied minor. What happens in the case of a medical emergency (twist ankle, asthma attack, ingested some toxic substance, allergic to something, fist fight, repeated warnings and safety violations and getting kicked or banned from the venue) who's liable?

The field owner may think it's okay but he's probably not thinking worst case scenario. Could the owner get sued and lose his venue (do lawsuits follow him and can he be held personally liable? does he have indemnity insurance)? When minors are involved it makes things a thousand times more complicated.

tl;dr No it's not illegal but I'd say it's irresponsible of his parents to do that. Hell it's fine if your parents do that too but I really think it's irresponsible of them even if you are mature and a good kid (and I think you're a lot better than 99% of other kids we get on these forums but it still stands that at the end of the day in the eyes of the law you're a minor even if you are 17 years and 364 days old and that's just the way it works, it's a magic discrete line that gets crossed once you turn 18). I may be a pessimist, but the worst can always happen and I try to be prepared and minimize risks.
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