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The PTW's use 120rnd mags, but I know most guys on swatt only load 60-80 rounds a mag, and I've been filling them less and less myself.
Especially after having used a bolt action rifle and knowing first hand that a single well aimed round can have the same effect as 20 rounds with poor accuracy, as long as you have a good rifle you don't need a lot of ammo.

It's easy for us to forget after playing so long and most of us vets having really wicked rifles, but most stock guns, and actually most upgraded guns too just have crap accuracy, and that's really where you need to have more ammo.
Although being able to shoot through brush is a good argument for more ammo, what it REALLY comes down to is accuracy.
I know I can hit a dude at 200ft with any round shot from my PTW. But I also know it might take 200 rounds to hit a guy at 200ft from a different gun.

I really miss having realcap loadout games. If nothing else it really does help you become a better player by forcing you to conserve ammo, use semi, etc.
Even some long time vets have gotten too used to having near unlimited ammo...

And on the subject, fact is the people who can afford better guns are going to be at an advantage and that's that. Indisputable fact that on average a PTW is going to shoot better than a cyma, JG, G&G, marui, etc.
Skill is of course a limiting factor, but most of the people with the expensive toys are usually pretty skilled as well.
So given less competitive games like scrims or mini ops focused on getting new people into the game, get everyone with PTW's (for example) to run realcaps.
The ideal handicap would be to have everyone's primary at the same level, everyone running AEG's or GBBR's or whatever, but let's face it, we didn't buy PTW's to hang them on the shelf....well some of you do lol
So limiting ammo would be a great way to balance things out without really upsetting anyone.
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