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Originally Posted by Boris the Blade View Post
The amount of hi-cap mag use is TOO DAMN HIGH! Can we all agree that the maximum capacity magazine for a rifle or submachine gun is a low cap which is a maximum of 90 rounds, which is already ridiculous? Personally I think everyone should load their guns to real cap. Not only do people play more responsibly and intelligently with a limited ammo capacity, but they should be more accountable and conscious of where they are shooting. All hosts should encourage real cap use.
Low cap magazines are 90 rounds? Thought they are 30-50. Mid being 60-100, hi cap being 100+?

Anyways new to AEG magazines so whatever. I agree with you. Heh, but even if it's encouraged, I don't think game hosters will check 60 players to see if they are actually running real caps.
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