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Be a respectful member and maybe wait until you're 16 and ask really nicely to some of the game admins around what it would take to be able to play (whether you have to be attached to parent/legal guardians hip and both of you play or they have to be present at the field or whatever). It really depends on the admin/venue. I've played with players as young as 13 before (it was in the UK and one of the game admins daughters) but typically 16+ with parent playing on the field beside you or at least in the safe zone is a common setup for minors who want to play.

18+ is a sure shot to being able to play at most venues (because of legalities, waivers and all that) but if you lurk, research, and make a good impression on your local community they might look favourably on you.

BTW: If you like shooting and want to get into it I highly recommend asking your parents for a pellet rifle for target shooting. It's a lot harder than most people think it is (try getting a toonie sized grouping when you first get it and when you get better try a nickel sized grouping).
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