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Originally Posted by SavageSpartan View Post
no i know but i think someone or something said something about antique firearms being able to be imported
Well antiques are things made before 1899 and mostly encompass lock type weapons such as flintlock, firelock, matchlock etc.

Antique firearms

Originally Posted by Firearms canada
Any firearm manufactured before 1898 that was not designed to discharge rim-fire or centre-fire ammunition, and that has not been re-designed to discharge such ammunition
Originally Posted by Firearms canada
Replicas of Antique Firearms

Although replica firearms are made to look like the original, they are distinct from reproductions or antiques. Replicas look the same, but are different because they cannot discharge projectiles at all, or can discharge only harmless projectiles. (Devices that discharge projectiles that can cause serious bodily injury are not replicas).

Replicas of antiques are not considered firearms.
This is not legal advice, and if in doubt contact your provincial firearms guy
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