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I don't think the previous thread being closed has anything to do with you doing anything the "wrong" way. It just seems like ASC doesn't like encouraging the behavior which is completely understandable as not everyone will do things the right way like you did.

It might have an adverse effect on the community if some 12 year old kid decides he wants an airsoft gun for Christmas and somehow convinces their parents who knows little to nothing on the matter to purchase one for him and bring it over the border incorrectly, leading to various potential charges, smuggling, etc.. which could lead to the sport and items related to the sport being blacklisted by CBSA completely.

Also threads like those usually go off topic pretty quickly... there's an AV'd section for discussions related to this but you'd need to get AV'd to see it.

Anyways good to hear you received your LM4, post up a review if you have time, I'm interested in getting a GBB M4 sometime in the future as well.
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