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CBSA and my Experience Importing from Hong Kong

So on Nov 17, 2013 I posted the above thread, with the title "CBSA and my Experience Importing from Hong Kong". One day later some administrator on this forum closed the thread and re-titled it "The woes of one who tried to import the wrong way".

What exactly was done "the wrong way" ? I did everything by the book so please explain this stance, whoever changed the title.

Secondly, I don't know why it was closed on me because there was activity and I now have new information I want to add.

Last week I got the notice from CBSA that my LM4 was released and ready for pickup. Only 2 weeks detention. So, a good end to the story after all and I now have the rifle at my house and love it. I spoke to a few CBSA agents when picking it up and they were awesome and friendly. First time in 20 years they had seen anyone import an airsoft rifle like that through Pearson Airport.

I also got a contact name of the person that makes the decisions on these things in customs and I intend to follow up with a good natured chat about how to best do this in the future if I ever choose to.

Still a hassle and nerve racking. Easier to buy locally and highly recommend supporting local business. But, the point is that the option is there if you do it the right way and by-the-book. Declare everything and read the memorandum.

I have also already been through Pearson Airport customs just yesterday without any red flags popping up, so no I do not appear to be on any high-alert list. No extra body cavity searches for me thx.

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