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Originally Posted by passiveerwin View Post
How much is the inspection fee? I've read something in the forums saying that the importer is responsible for the fees.
The author then stated that after that it won't be cheaper then just buying guns in Canada.
The price... yeah I know it is somewhat acceptable. (Price in TW x1.5)
But my parents earned their money in Taiwan, that's less than the salaries that could be earned in Canada in my opinion.
The other expenses here are just higher than those in Taiwan.
I think buying those stuffs again will simply put a huge dent in my family's already-shrunk property.
Plus I am not 18 yet so it appears that I won't be able to buy anything until then.
I don't really like cheap sometimes-unreliable China-made guns by the way.(Correct me if I am wrong)
Will I be able to find all the high-end stuffs that I used to see in Taiwan?
(TM HK416, VFC XCR STD with 14.5 barrel, VFC M27 IAR, BCM4...,
Laylax, KM, PDI, Guarder parts....)
Anyway you have a point if I were a native Canadian.

Or should I just sell only the externals and keep the internals?
Something in the forums says internals are just fine for importation
Then get new externals in Canada...

Will making myself a airsoft gun retailer with a Business Firearms License be a good choice?

Sorry for asking a lot of questions, I really appreciate you answering them.
The guns you want "high end" will probably be quite expensive here in Canada. We have tax ontop as well if you buy from a retailer, also shipping costs, since most local retailers don't have what you typically want in stock.

Typically it varies from retailer to retailer, not everyone has things in stock, and if they do they may charge a high premium. I doubt you'd want to buy a used gun, but if you get Age Verified you can acess the classified section.

You will be really spending a lot more then you have in TW. Best to bring EVERYTHING you can, Accessories, Scopes, mounts, mags, internals, etc. and just sell you guns stock.

Example: WE Glock 17 - $76 - $80 over there, $195+220 + 13% tax here (Ontario) + possibly shipping.

Probably 1.5-2x your cost.

Airsoft ain't cheap in Canada

Still cheaper then paintball though.

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