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Originally Posted by passiveerwin View Post
Will I be able to send them back to Taiwan if the guns are denied entry?
Do I need to pay duties or taxes for them?
I have a vfc m4 which is already upgraded over 366, a tm aks74u, a ics m3, and a tm xdm.
Do I need paperwork for them?
How can I successfully prove to the customs that the fps is higher than 366?
I've read the related content of this but I'd like to be more certain about this.
Hey Erwin,

Yes, if they are denied entry, you have the option to have them returned to sender. Although sometimes, they will still seize and destroy.

So far most people have had success with importing, however, there is always a risk and it is often down to the individual officer's discretion how it will be handled. Usually you can include paperwork/data sheet to show it meets the requirements. However, I have seen it take from 3 days to over a year to test your airsoft guns (if they even test them, average is 2 months).

It is best to bring all your airsoft gear and accessories with you. However, for the airsoft guns, it might just be easier to sell what you have in Taiwan, and buy new ones here since most airsoft prices aren't too bad nowadays.

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I'm Isak from Sweden, I've recently gotten caught into all the Hi-Capa rage.
And since I love to customize anything I care about I'm going to do so, best
I can combining shop built things with home made.

Where in hecks do I post personal project threads?!
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