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Paintball and Airsoft, the unholy conversion kit

So umm, when do you guys think of this hitting one of your field?

Manufactured in the USA, the 656 Spyder Converter by Morph Fire allows users to convert their paintball marker into a 6mm caliber airsoft gun with a muzzle velocity of 550+ fps and a 900 rpm cycle rate. Constructed of long-strand glass-enforced urethane, the converter will fit 2008 or newer Spyder Fenix, Eletra, Pilot, Sonix, Xtra, Victor, and Aggressor paintball markers; powered by nitrogen, CO2, or compressed air, the system is minimally affected by external temperatures.[1] Supplied with a carrying case, a 260 round capacity magazine, and a starter pack of 6mm metal bbs, the product is intended for individual target/can shooting rather than skirmishing. Available for about 200 USD,

Amazing Paintball Gun Blows Up Objects - YouTube
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