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well its not extreme,well kinda stupid but..

At the flagraiders night game, one of the first ones I remember, being there all day and wating for the night game since my friend was playing the day game also and I at night only. I was so thrilled to start, after all the bug bites and what not..first round in and I could'nt see anything as my mask fogged up since I wear glasses. The shitty rental goggle at flagraiders + it being really really dark I fell right into this big trench landing into my g36c and the g36c stock breaking off from the weight, right under my ribs and that was the end of that. I had to sit in the car for the rest of the night.... like 10hrs lookin at the stars.... haha, broken stock and in pain with bruised ribs and bugs biting me! :banghead:
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