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Woah, my thread a-sploded

Thanks for the warm welcome everyone. I've got some PM's from some of you guys so hopefully I can set up a day sometime soon-ish where I come out and let you shoot-the-merican. I may or may not have my chest rig/mags/etc here soon, so we'll see what happens.

Originally Posted by Deltastoned View Post
With a small community you are quickly going to find people you enjoy playing with, and you will play with them often. The other side of that coin is the people whose company you do not enjoy you will have to share a field with them several times a year.
I dig that. It was the same in AZ; Phoenix players were generally poopy, Tucsonans were the best. Big games generally pitted city vs. city so it was funny to see the contrast there.

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There are two main differences between Airsoft up here and down in the states. The first is our apparent lack of awesome CQB facilities...The second being mindset.
We had very few epic facilities in AZ, actually. Nearly all the games I played were in the desert. Up in Phx there was a MOUT facility like 1hr outside city limits, 1.45hrs from where my family lives; it was rather exclusive and I never went. We do have stuff like LIONCLAWS out in socal, but those are generally annual things at best if you can truck it out there. As for the mindset...

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It seems a lot of people have that "OH MAN IMMA BE A NAVY SEAL.".. a problem I hear of a lot down there.
You have no idea. The US has always suffered from military bootlickers everywhere, and it's AWFUL in the airsoft community. That's one of the reasons I've been spammin up the forums so much looking to weed out the baddies; it's what I've always had to do back home if I wanted to enjoy the game. Even the "best" or most dedicated players would sometimes rattle on and on about secret was just a little much for me. I played with a couple active duty marines, an on/off PMC, etc. but they kept it to themselves. I just want to chase people around and touch their butts with my BBs.

Originally Posted by Deltastoned View Post
We do forest games. I mean we REALLY do forest games. They are insanely fun, challenging, and serious. Some of my best memories are [INSERT EPIC STORY HERE]. You get these really awesome scenarios almost every game.
Sounds awesome man...hanging out with bros and immersing yourself in adrenaline-filled plastic people hunting is what it's always been about for me as well. Me and my main operating buddy in Tucson would generally sneak around in lighter loadouts and flank larger teams/squads in guerilla settings to great effect, it was the best.

My head is swimming with the idea of playing in the forest; I never have, and I imagine it's every bit as fun as you make it out to be. Playing in the snow is also a fetish I've never had the pleasure of exploring. I've spent a couple winters here to get used to it, so we'll see how it pans out..
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