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Quotes from Boneman...

''And this one bandcamp......''

''Here is a list for the next few ASC topics for the airsofter with far too much time on their hands.....

Most Extreme meal I ate before/during an airsoft game

Most Extreme dream I had about airsoft

Most Extreme drive out to an airsoft game

Most Extreme cloud formation that looked like an airsoft gun''

''Serves you right. I'm sorry, but how is forgetting to charge your battery (not once, not twice, but 3 times!) a "Most extreme thing done during a game"?? That comes down to common sense and just plain looking after your kit/gear.

That belongs in a new topic, "Most stupid things I've done in a game" or "Stupid things I forgot to do because I'm too lazy"

end of quotes...

the point of your posts are???
If you dont like the thread, you dont have to read it or to post in it and you certainly dont have to insult peoples....
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