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Available spots are filling up quickly!


HQ Troops - 4 slots left
US Army - 24 slots left
UK Infantry - 8 slots left
West German Army - 8 Slots Left
Canadian Forces - 2 Slots Left


HQ Element - 3 slots left
Grenztruppen - 10 slots left
NVA Motor Rifles - 15 slots left
Soviet Recon - 13 slots left

If you are interested in coming out to EW, now is the time to get your deposit in! The deposit, $50 USD, secures your spot on the roster and the balance of the game fee is due on February 1 2014 (when registration closes). You can also opt to pay your full game fee instead, if you so choose. Game fees go towards things like food (cooked and MRE's) for the entire event, fuel for the vehicles and generators, batteries to power all the radios, night vision and lighting for tents, etc., etc. Check out the EW website for more information, and the EW forums for more discussion.
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