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Question Replacement Parts??? QUESTIONS

Hello Guys & Gals!!

I just recently got into Airsoft a have a couple question on replacement parts.

Guns I own...
1) KJW - M9A1 Beretta CO2 Gas Blowback
2) G&G - GR16 CQW Rush DST Combo

1) Where can I buy replacement parts online. I am having issues with the seal in my mag for the pistol and it could take them a while to get them in. plus I wouldn't mind having a few extra around.

2)My G&G GR16 has blown a couple fuses now. The first one was due to low battery and the other time I have no idea what happened. Any ideas?

3) Stupid question: What does AEG stand for?

I think that all for now... Any help you can give is greatly appreciated.
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