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Originally Posted by localfreerider View Post
Advice from a professional smuggler? bury it, lol

Your suggestion is tantamount to mail fraud and could get people in hot water.

Sounds like the OP did everything right and CBSA still seized it because of their ignorance of their own rules. I hope you get your item but it probably would have been cheaper to buy in country when you factor in the time, effort and taxes.
Uh huh....How is it mail fraud? I never said anything about misrepresenting anything. If I say post it, I mean that literally. Throw it in the mail as it is...not marked "Barbie’s" or anything. Hell, some have got items through so if its leave it behind or try to mail it...why not? It's no skin of your back if it gets seized is it? At least you gave it a shot.

I also made it quite clear that all of this is risky AND a royal Pain and to choose wisely.

As for burying stuff in your shipment....again...your call...I see no difference between not claiming all of the shit you bought on holiday in Europe when flying home and completely legal and permissible airsoft parts. The only difference is that the mere mention of the word "airsoft" is a sure fire ticket to a hassle.
As for a penalty if caught? I imagine that it would be no different than if CBSA found your three brand new jackets that you "forgot" to mention.
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