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willing to perform services in a dark alley that may or may not leave you satisfied for a title. GFE = 1, looks = 2, BBFS for an extra $50.
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Originally Posted by Jbone 11 11 View Post
As someone who has been in your exact
IF you have a metal receiver, post it and hope for the best. Don't bring it with you. As far as the CBSA is concerned it might as well be Real.

As for the rest, if you have a big shipment of stuff, burry the parts in the shipment. If all you have is luggage, post parts that could raise suspicion like the gearbox (it resembles a "gun" shape, therefore it will most likely raise a red flag), pistol grips, maybe even the rifle stock.

If I had to do it all over again, I might have sold off everything and started fresh. I did my way because I knew I had a good chance of avoiding laws were broken....but my methods were definitely questionable and my whole shipment could have been seized because of it. So...choose wisely.
Advice from a professional smuggler? bury it, lol

Your suggestion is tantamount to mail fraud and could get people in hot water.

Sounds like the OP did everything right and CBSA still seized it because of their ignorance of their own rules. I hope you get your item but it probably would have been cheaper to buy in country when you factor in the time, effort and taxes.
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