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Originally Posted by ErikSYC View Post
Hi CritcalBill; apart from the monetary part where you saved on shipping, any reason why you would rather bring it on plane instead of post it?

I am also contemplating on how to bring my AEG and 3 GBB Pistols back. I will most likely give away my GBB Pistols when the time comes as they don't meet the CBSA requirement for FPS.

Did you purchase your Airsoft Gun from JK Army or EhobbyAsia etc?
As someone who has been in your exact situation I will say this:
Forget about the pistols, as there is a high likelihood that they will not make it. Try to sell them and recoup when you get here.

As for the AEG, it depends how attached you are to it and how much you have invested. It is not the most up and up way to do it, but it can work and isn't really breaking any laws.

That said, If it is easily replaced here, sell it. If not, I recommend stripping it down to parts.
IF you have a metal receiver, post it and hope for the best. Don't bring it with you. As far as the CBSA is concerned it might as well be Real.

As for the rest, if you have a big shipment of stuff, burry the parts in the shipment. If all you have is luggage, post parts that could raise suspicion like the gearbox (it resembles a "gun" shape, therefore it will most likely raise a red flag), pistol grips, maybe even the rifle stock.

Mags are iffy. If they are plastic and have NO dummy rounds (don't even think about importing those!) you might get em through but if they are metal, they could cause you unwanted attention. And then you'd have to explain why you have them....But I will say this, replacing mags here is a pain in the ass. If you can't turn a decent coin by selling yours, I'd say post em and see what happens. Worst case they get seized.

Sounds like a pain in the ass? That's cause it is. But again it depends on what its worth to you. For me, at the time, my exact AEG was not available in North America yet. I also had a lot invested in it. I had a big massive shipment to stick the parts in AND the receiver was ABS. I did not bring my mags and sold off all my full metal stuff.

If I had to do it all over again, I might have sold off everything and started fresh. I did my way because I knew I had a good chance of avoiding laws were broken....but my methods were definitely questionable and my whole shipment could have been seized because of it. So...choose wisely.
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