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Unhappy The woes of one who tried to import the wrong way.

Just wanted to tell my personal experience with trying to import a $400 KWA M14A1 GBB rifle with separate 3-9x sniper scope. I purchased it in Hong Kong 2 days ago. It may end okay, but I'm very nervous right now.
In Hong Kong, I told Air Canada rep what I had and they called HK airport security to inspect. HK security got wide-eyed and called HK military to inspect. Everyone was really cool and interested in the gun and the sport. Surrounded by guys with real MP5's was both awesome and a little nervous. Anyway, they had no issues with it, but I had to pay US$20 to have it packed by Hong Kong airport packing services. Probably better off doing this anyway so less likely some baggage inspector will steal anything.
So on the plane to Pearson Airport, YYZ, in Toronto now.
I mark on the customs document that I have a firearm, and tell CBSA what I bought. An 'uncontrolled firearm' as per section 5 of the memorandum.
The guy marked info on the customs card and I knew I would be sent to extra security after picking up my luggage. Which is what happened.
After a wait I got called to two CBSA agents (one of which was being trained). The less newbie one was very concerned that it did not have red safety cap and no clear parts. I think I would have been okay off the bat if it had such parts. Anyway, my approach was to not be too confrontational and just quote the relevant parts of the memorandum ( Sections 5, 49, 50a, 53b. This topic is covered quite well in other posts. Bottom line is 366 < FPS < 500 is not a replica, but an 'uncontrolled firearm'
The CBSA staff just weren't sure and felt the safe thing to do was to detain it. They called their manager and the manager kept telling me it was a replica.
No one had any issues with the scope, so I have that with me now. This could end be the most expensive scope I have bought :wink:

Everyone was very cool and reasonable through the whole process, but bottom line is you are relying on people that are not trained properly. Of the three CBSA staff that discussed the case with me, not one had ever had someone try to import such a rifle through Pearson before. I am reasonably comfortable that I have a good case to keep the gun, but I am just waiting now. Will update again when I hear what happens. And I will dispute the ruling if they say I can't have it. Any suggestion on how I can prepare for the next interview ?

At this point I would not recommend doing this again, just for the blood pressure affects alone.
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