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Originally Posted by Ricochet View Post
Agreed. I've lived in areas where ethnic based crime is a problem, but black refers to a generic skin color, not one peoples. I assure you, being black does not dictate criminal intent, but I'm more concerned about the undertones of "as long as it is black killing black, who cares, it doesn't affect me".
I agree, there can be places(in Canada or the states) where whites do cause
More violence (eg: thunder bay). but in large urban cities, this is not really true.

Say in chicago: you are more likely to be shot if you are black by another
Black living in a low income urban center.

This has been going on for years, and it is has been the blacks killing
Blacks who cares in the states, and in Toronto, it's only till say white
Kids get shot that something happens. (new town)

Secondly, responsible gun owners are more concerned with the bigger picture, and not their selfish, misguided, and individual rights.
Yup that's why all the gun owners in high river did"nt
Raise a fuss when the RCMP went into their houses
Illegally to search and confiscate Guns. They did it
Happily right?

As a gun owner I will cooperate in anyway I can to support my country, community, and peace officers, wether that be through a registry or whatever. Which will enevitably strengthen my ability to continue to be a gun owner,
Yup gun owners love the registry! I mean it never really saved anyone, it
Actually got a cop killed in Quebec, cost 2 billion dollars, did nothing except
Jail people for imaginary paper crimes, and made getting pulled over for
Speeding so much fun!

I myself loved the fact it strenghtened my ability to own guns LMAO!

It did the opposite, but whatever!

Seriously you have the same username on cgn? So wanna post what you said

I'm not condoning children doing like in the article, I'm saying they are children,
They may not know any better, I expect the police To know better tho.

The child was carrying a "banned" assault weapon, he"s 12!!! Posting the use
Of force circle here and saying "good shoot" is silly because the circle didn't
Work in this case, it got a young kid killed.

I want police to be smart and think, not do whatever a diagram says they can.

comments where made about rules of engagement in Afghanistan, just holding
A gun is just cause for police to shoot you, etc.

it's utter tripe!! we used to have firearms safety training in schools, and even
Rifle ranges, but we had to get rid of those because it was encouraging gun ownership, so unless you are in a family with a gun owner, your only
Knowlege of gun safety comes from movies or fps russia!

To blame the child for being stupid is stupid, the child's the victim,
The cops is a victim too, of some overblown "gun epidemic" that doesn't
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