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Originally Posted by L473ncy View Post
The charger you're using right now will do the trick but I'd just be wary of it possibly malfunctioning (if you're into power tools think of it like a Hilti charger vs a Ryobi charger, both do the same thing but one will last longer than the other).
I see, and thanks for the explanation.

I do take precautions with the charger, and as long as the OP has his charger he probably should too.
I always keep the Batteries in the LiPo safe bags and charge them in there too. Never leave the batteries charging unattended etc etc.

It was just sounding like the charger I had was a model known to blow up or something. I'm still keeping my eyes open for the iMax.

Originally Posted by ThunderCactus View Post
Let me put it this way
The echo1 charger is a 1980s hyundai pony
The iMax B6 is a mazda 3

What would you rather drive to argentina and back with?
Awww does it have to be a 1980's pony...cause this 70's pony is rad!

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