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Originally Posted by Jbone 11 11 View Post
You're using Canadian examples to justify an American problem?...nice....good work. It's common knowledge (...mmm...maybe not...) that the US suffers from gun violence in epidemic proportions....and therefore, understandable that their response is equally extreme.

But to answer your first example....if I was a cop and got a call that some nut job was letting loose on a bike path with a 12 or not, your damn right I'd call it in to ert. Did they not cover the common sense thing in your permit course?? Common dude!
gun violence at all time low in the states, unless you goto major city centers,
And goto the wrong areas, you can easily do that in Toronto, and we don't have
that's much guns here.

City = more poverty/low income areas = more shootings (usually blacks killing blacks)

We call this Jane and finch around here, but there's also Jane and eglinton,
Around the eaton center as tchc buildings (moss park, regeant park, st James town, etc )
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