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Originally Posted by j_march View Post
So there obviously is a problem. Replica firearms being readily available to young children. Easily enough for a kid to get his hands on one, like case in point...from a friend. Parents of the child didn't even maybe know he had it.
Do what you want it liscensed? Start an airsoft registry?
I swear half of y'all sounding like gun banners...

Next part of the problem- the epidemic of gun violence in the United States. Kids going to schools, young adults going into colleges or universities.....going into theatres and shooting them up.
Gun violence in the states is at an all time low actually,
And the "mass shootings" you are referring to are actually rare

This case is tragic but is life. and a Police officer's job Is NOT regardless of what some people think, to put their life on the line over everyone elses.

They may flee and leave your ass if it's what's safest. They are not military and can't be ordered to risk their life.
I am well aware the police aren't there to protect me or you, I understand that.
But a police officer is the one to drive towards the gun fire and is indeed to risk
Their life. It is what they are paid for.

So you saying I could become a cop, sit at Timmy's all night, and when
I get a call say "nah! Pass too dangerous!"

ummm, nope. you would likely have dropped your 870 at the first order to drop it and then complied with Police until it was sorted out. Unless of course you are stupid enough to turn and point it at them.
my point was I wouldn't have guns pointed at me during the encounter,
And I most likely wouldn't be asked to put the gun down.

As opposed to rolling up on me with numbers and guns drawn and pointed,

Not on municipal property. Well signed and marked regarding hunting. If said cyclist traveled from Toronto, saw you, didn't see or understand the signs and called 911 the operator would tell them to get the fuck out of the hunting are. Not dispatch the entire OPP to murder you.
Wrong 911 calls must be attended. the police would respond.

Seriously? Hunting in Toronto? You cannot discharge a firearm inside municipal limits, anywhere in Canada. In Calgary there is a municipal bylaw prohibiting discharging an AIRSOFT gun inside city limits unless it is at a recognized facility.
Who said hunting in Toronto? I don't live in Toronto, I live in simcoe county, so
All that high park crap is just lol! And yes is municipal, has bike paths, hunting with firearms allowed. Etc
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