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I like to play indoor because I am often to busy to play during the weekend and indoor facility offer evening sessions. Weather can be a deciding factor. If it is heavy rain/wind in the forecast, I rather stay home.

Many of us will always prefer playing outside because of the terrain, the size of the field, fresh air and the realism. But that doesn't we mean won't go to an indoor place. You and your crew need to figure out a reason why airsofters want to pay money to go to your place. It is all about marketing and giving people what they want. You are selling an experience and memory. You want people to come back again and again. Given the size of Vancouver and the established airsoft facilities, you need to offer something that is not offer by other places.

Also Location would be a big factor for the people in Vancouver. Where is the location that you guys are thinking about??
You have some very valid points.

I cannot disclose the location at this time. I don't want to get everyone's hopes up. There's still a lot of work ahead.

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I would say another good thing to invest would be good ventilation indoors so the air is constantly moving.

Helps prevent fog, stink, stale air
Another good point. I hate fog! Noted!
What kind of airsofter are YOU?
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