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Originally Posted by KenTsui View Post
You are probably right about the fps limit. Perhaps the question wasn't phrased the best way. It was more of a "do you prefer higher or lower fps" question.

If I had it may way, I would pick 400 fps with no MED.
NO MED is critical for CQB .. otherwise it ends up being a game of "mercy tag"

the reason for higher FPS is moot for indoor play.. there is no wind.. there are no bushes or grass to blast through.

at 400 fps.. you will have a lot of blood .. and not to put too fine a point on it.. there are lots of players who don't like the idea of bleeders let alone the reality.

280- 320 with .20 bbs is perfect for indoor play where very short engagements will happen. even at this FPS.. you still get bleeders
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