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Originally Posted by Ricochet View Post
16 - 20 people in 4,000 square feet? Holy smokes! You must be great at space creativity. We had 8 - 10 or so close friends, in 10,000 square feet, and although it was interesting in there with all the buildings, structures, etc, I'd still call it busy.

We played with the lights off, a few red and blue strobes going, smoke, and had heavy metal just racked over the speaker system. It was challenging, and fun for what it was.
That's what you were missing last week, Bryan! There was no fog! Heavy metal would have been nice too, but it would have taken away from the mood. :P

TTAC3 is indeed very small, but that's why I love it. However, it has a very unique way of being set up, with walls and obstacles. I'm pretty sure I've got pictures on my phone I can dig up.

The corridors are usually very short. Engagement distances are very close. You can barely turn a corner without getting shot at.
But when you manage to fight your way up to the next bit of corner 5 feet in front of you, it feels good. When you manage to flank the enemy, you feel accomplished. When you get shot point blank in the hand because you stuck your pistol a few inches past cover, you feel considerable pain.

It's never boring, you're always moving, and it really encourages you to work as a team if you want to gain any ground. And that's fun to me.

I play at another, larger, indoor field, but it's set up differently than TTAC3. There's only a handful of obstacles, the corridors for movement are long, and there isn't a whole lot of cover. When you start getting 20+ players, I find that I do a lot of hanging back, because all the cover that's within an effective engagement range is taken.

Granted, that's a specific playing style too. If I can't "move up a long corridor without getting shot" then I should try find another way around. If there's not enough cover up at the front, I should get more aggressive and make due.

But, it doesn't encourage me to move, and it doesn't encourage me to fight. At TTAC3, even though I might only move up a few feet to the next bit of cover, at least I'm moving. At least I'm constantly fighting, instead of standing around for a few minutes, waiting for cover to open up.

So basically what I'm saying, is that I have a ton of fun in the small field of TTAC3. There's always plenty of cover, lots of movement required, and very rarely any bunch-ups of players behind one particular cover (unless you're stacking up to move around a corner or something). It's not for everybody, and it really makes it seem more like a simulation or a drill, than a game. TTAC3 is just flat walls and corners all around you. It forces you to keep moving and fighting, or else you get run over.

The other field I mentioned has buildings you can enter; multiple levels; vehicles, barrels, and other obstacles; open spaces to run across...That all makes it seem more like a game, and it's what a lot of people prefer. It's got variety, it's a more "realistic" urban setting, and so on. There's nothing wrong with it, but I honestly get more fun out of Bryan's tiny little space.
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