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So there obviously is a problem. Replica firearms being readily available to young children. Easily enough for a kid to get his hands on one, like case in point...from a friend. Parents of the child didn't even maybe know he had it. Next part of the problem- the epidemic of gun violence in the United States. Kids going to schools, young adults going into colleges or universities.....going into theatres and shooting them up. This problem leads to the police adopting the practices that they have about when to decided to shoot if a suspect displays signs of aggression or refuse to comply. One thing + the next = dead kid on evening news. So this must mean there are a lot of parents out there that are not educating their children on the dangers of walking in public with what may be mistaken for a firearm. Or else a lot of children refusing to listen to their parents or a combination of the two. Would it benefit everybody if the police educated parents or reminded them to be careful of letting their kids have toy guns? And the consequences of brandishing in public and not complying with police? Think of an officer educating a 6th grade class on the subject, similar to the drug talk they give. I'm literally asking this. Is this what needs to happen to prevent children getting killed? Or do we just keep doing the same thing and hope for the best? Thoughts please.
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