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To be honest...I'm not sure if I'm mis-understanding Danke and Jbone's posts to be critiquing my own.

The comment was made of where there would be mixed-use areas...I responded with a comment.

I'm not supporting or defending that boneheads example or poorly worded opinion.

Jbone made a post that said it was dubious and exaggerated..etc...which I took to be a critique of which I responded with more detail.

@ Danke...I never specified anything about municipal property or not. Reread my posts if you are critiquing them. If I'm misreading your post...sorry about that. Hard to tell on a forum.

@ others...don't read into "being able to hunt in and area" as "being able to do whatever the fuck you want". If that's what you're taking away from my post...reread it, you've got it wrong. @ Ricochet if that's what you've interpreted from my post about hunting in a mixed-use area then you're wrong. I plainly state that you're subject to all laws/regs...
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