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Originally Posted by Ricochet View Post
So when the officer asks you to drop your gun, you can yell, "it's okay sir I'm only hunting"? Even if you're carrying a gun in an appropriate way, and in a legal area you still have to drop it, shoulder, whatever, but cooperate with law enforcement. There is no legal right here or in the US that states, at least that I've ever heard, where you can have an firearm in hand, and not comply with a police request. Even if it's holstered, you'd still have to kneel and put your hands on your head.
Wrong at one paint. it was just won (a Case in the USA) that just because you have a holstered pistol in an OC or CC area, and a cop see's it. his does not allow them to approach or question you unless they have proof you are up to something or have reasonable reason to suspect.

That being said. In Canada if an officer conservation or not approaches a hunter. I can assure you they have procedure's. and if you drew your rifle toward them I'd bet he'd draw on and fire at you.
In Canada you must comply and put the gun down to answer questions or you will be shot.

This case is tragic but is life. and a Police officer's job Is NOT regardless of what some people think, to put their life on the line over everyone elses.

They may flee and leave your ass if it's what's safest. They are not military and can't be ordered to risk their life.

They are first and foremost trained to save their own ass and other people's. So when it come's to Maybe a real gun and I along with 10 others may be shot, or it may not be a real gun they go to the dark side, the higher risk and act accordingly.

This is no one's fault but the kid's. and to a further extent the parent's who let the kid use the gun.

(that whole thing was directed solely at you Ricochet"
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