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Originally Posted by Jbone 11 11 View Post
It seems highly dubious and perhaps a touch exagerated to claim a hunting area is along a bike path.
Check the MNR/Hunting Regs for a listing of provincial parks that are open to hunting. There is at least 2 in Ontario.

There are x-country skiing, hiking, dog walking, biking trails criss crossing the park that I am thinking of specifically. Hunting signs are up around the are the signs that say it's a multi-use park. There's a big house across the road whose property is within 100yrds of where you can touch off a round.

Obviously, all legal firearms/hunting safety rules/regs apply as they would anywhere.

But's not a "range" where you should be setting up targets and blasting buckets of rounds. But it is legal hunting ground and if you've got valid permits & tickets/tags then you can be hunting there in the appropriate seasons.

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